Your Organization Memberships

As a property owner in Pirates Cove Section 6 you are a member of three Associations
Each Association has very distinct responsibilities for properties in Pirates Cove Section 6, Also known as Laffites Cove.
Pirates Property Owners Association ("PPOA")
The Pirates’ POA (“PPOA”) includes areas in Pirates Beach, Pirates Beach West, Pirates Cove, and Pirates Landing.  Funds collected handle the deed restrictions, architectural control, security patrolling & cameras and legal issues.  The Pirates POA have hired Constable Officers patrolling through out the Pirates Community.  In additional there are security cameras at all the entrances.  The PPOA also is involved in beach and canal issues. 
Laffites Cove Property Owners Association
As a numbered lot owner in Pirates Cove, Section 6 of Pirates Beach you are a member in the Laffite Cove POA.  The Laffites' Cove POA (“LCPOA”) maintenance fee collected from pirate’s cove section 6 property owners is used specifically for Landscaping within Laffites Cove as stated in the restrictions. 
Laffites Cove Nature Society
The Laffites' Cove Nature Society (“LCNS”) funds collected are for maintaining the nature preserve areas and the canals.  Please read your Deed Restriction, the “Nature Preserve” and “Canals” are protected under the permit issued by the Corp. of Engineers and the establishment of the Laffites' Cove Nature Society. The area from the bulkhead out 15’ is a protected marsh area with required maintenance by the property owner of the Intertidal Fringe Marsh. No rock or removal of the grass is allowed. Builders are required to place construction fence along the rear and sides of the property during construction.  The Nature Society has a special website with the Preserves history at  Information for the LCNS is also on
The Villas
As an owner in Pirates Cove, Section 6 of Pirates Beach, block A, B, & C in the “The Villas” you are a member in three Association: Pirates POA, The Villas, and Laffites Cove Nature Society.  You will pay assessments into the PPOA, the LCPOA, and the LCNS.  You are not a member of Laffites Cove POA.
The Villas Association has not been formed at this time and has no assessments, but does have restrictions which are enforced by the PPOA.