Q: What are the rules for the nature preserve areas?
A: The Laffites' Cove Nature Society governs the Laffites' Cove Nature Preserves and Canals.  It is a protected Wildlife Habitat.
Q: Who provides Garbage Service?
A:  The City of Galveston - call 409-797-3500
Q:  As an owner in Pirates Cove, Section 6 why do I pay into three Associations and what do they do?
Q:  When and where are the Associations meetings held?
A :  The Board meetings are held the second Saturday monthly at the Galveston Country Club or by Zoom.  Notices are posted and sent to members from the website.  Typically the Pirates POA meeting is held at 9:00 a.m. and the Laffites Cove POA meeting is held at 11:00 a.m.
Q:  I am new and need a lawn or lot mowing service can you help?
A:  Laffites Cove POA's contractor who maintains all of the landscape within Laffites Cove is Beach Town (409-789-9520)
Pirates POA provides a lot mowing service for lots only (281-255-3055).  There are other landscape companies in the area it is suggested to ask you neighbors who they use.
Q: Do I need to obtain approval for home construction or improvement?  What about repairs?
A:  New homes, boat docks, gazebos must obtain approval from the City of Galveston and the Pirates POA Architectural Control Committee.  Remodel and repairs to homes must also have approval.  Applications may be obtained on the home page of the Pirates POA Website at: https://www.piratespoa.com
Q: Who does the mosquito spraying?
A:  Galveston County does the mosquito spraying.  To request mosquito spraying dial 1-800-842-5622, #3, enter phone number and zip code, then press 1.